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Peter Darby for Town Council

Peter Darby is a native New Yorker who was born and grew up on Southampton, Long Island, attending schools there.  As a young man he lived in various places, but he chose to settle in Earlville on Newbridge Farm with his wife, Margaret Darby, thirty-three years ago.

Peter attended college in Connecticut at Wesleyan U., majoring in English, and went on to take a Masters degree in English from Indiana U. (Bloomington).  He also served four years in the Air Force including one in Viet Nam, (not in combat). During those years he met Margaret Flanders, who was teaching in California.  They were married while he was stationed in Germany. After spending three years in England, they moved with their two small daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth, to Poolville in 1976 and then to Earlville in 1977.  Both daughters graduated from the Sherburne-Earlville School. 

Peter and Margaret bought the Harvey Bensley farm in 1977 where they raised beef cattle for ten years.  He also has been a self-employed carpenter since that time.  In addition, he maintains and manages some rental property in the Town of Hamilton. A recent interest of his is in installing geothermal systems.

Peter Darby has found time for significant public service, having been elected to serve on the Sherburne-Earlville School Board for twelve years.  He was President of the Board for two terms, including the time of the construction of the new elementary school.

 He also served three years on the Earlville Opera House Board of Trustees, including two years as president.

Currently Peter serves on the Steering Committee of the Southern Madison County Gas Coalition.  His primary motivation in seeking election to the Town Council is deep concern about the expected development of gas well drilling in the Town.  Peter has said:

  • “Geologists believe there are significant gas reserves located under all of the Town of Hamilton.  Unless they are wrong, those resources will be developed sometime within the next ten years, probably sooner rather than later.  I believe this is the biggest issue our area has faced in the time I have lived here and will continue to be for the next fifty years.  It will bring both benefits and problems.  I am interested in minimizing the problems and maximizing the benefits both to the individual land owners and to the community. 
  • The Southern Madison County Gas Coalition has worked with the Binghamton law firm of Levene Gouldin & Thompson, LLP, partnered with the Texas law firm of Jackson Walker LLP to draft and strong and comprehensive lease, and have signed up 23,000 local acres to bargain collectively for the best terms with potential leasing companies.
  • The town needs to be proactive in preparing to protect its legitimate interests.  Other areas have experienced ground water contamination and costly damage to rural roads.  We need to anticipate these issues and be ready for them.
  • Of course I know that many other issues will come before the Town Council.  I believe my years of managing my own businesses as well as serving on the Boards of the Sherburne-Earlville School and the Opera House demonstrate my wide interests.  I will face each issue with a concern to be proactive in protecting our heritage at the same time as we seek the economic and personal welfare of individual citizens as well as the community.”

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