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Town Democrats Nominate Shwartz, Darby, Collins, Reymers, Haight and Glazier

The Town of Hamilton Democrats have named candidates for the six town offices that are to be elected on November 5th.  Nominated for reelection are Eve Ann Shwartz for Town Supervisor, Peter Darby for Town Council, Donald Haight for Town Justice and Bert Glazier for Town Highway Superintendent.  Suzanne Collins was nominated to fill the Town Council seat being vacated by Carolyn Todd. Sue Reymers was nominated to fill the position of Town Clerk long held by Catherine Hotaling who is not running for reelection.

Eve Ann Shwartz:  Earlville native Eve Ann Shwartz is nominated for a second two-year term as Town Supervisor. Together with her husband Harmon Hoff, Eve Ann operates Maple Avenue Farms, a third generation farm that sells its beef in NYC farmer’s markets. She attended Hamilton Central School and studied International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania. She earned a law degree at Northeastern University and was admitted to the NYS bar in 1985. In 1992 she sold her law practice in Hamilton to return to the farm and raise the couple’s two children, Sasha and Jesse.  She was elected to the Town Council in 1993. During her term she headed the Town’s Long Range Planning Committee, which led to the adoption of the Town’s first comprehensive plan. A founding member of the Partnership for Community Development, Shwartz served as its Executive Director from 2002-2006 Eve Ann was co- chair of “Stop NYRI,” the citizens’ group that successfully defeated a proposed 200 mile-long electrical transmission line.  Shwartz currently serves on the Board of Community Memorial Hospital and the Ag Advisory Council for Madison County Cooperative Extension

As Town Supervisor during the past two years Eve Ann has worked to make town government more efficient and cost effective by sharing personnel, equipment and services with the Village and surrounding Towns. She has been instrumental in adopting technology to make Town government more transparent and energy efficient. Under her leadership the town launched its first website and installed PV Solar collectors on the Town highway garage. 

Peter Darby was elected to the town council four years ago and has served as Deputy Supervisor as well as Budget Officer, playing important roles in the Town’s financial processes.  He currently serves on the Comprehensive Plan Revision Committee, the Energy Working Group and is a member of the board of the Partnership for Community Development.

Suzanne Collins is a native of Hamilton and has been the director of the Hamilton Food Cupboard for the past three years. She was elected Trustee in the Village of Hamilton four times and was Deputy Mayor during six of the years served.  Like all Village Trustees, she took her turns on the committees that guide various aspects of village government, notably as liaison to the Municipal Utilities Board, as well as to the Library, Pedestrian Safety, and Recreation committees. In the past, Suzanne was on the board of the Earlville Opera House and the Partnership for Community Development. Suzanne has taught at Two-by-Two nursery school, been a Girl Scout leader and has been a volunteer in many community projects, for example, with the Interfaith Holiday Project, Second Chance, the Friendship Inn, the Hospital Auxiliary, and the Crop Walk.

Sue Reymers is currently the Secretary to the Supervisor and Bookkeeper for the Town of Hamilton. Sue holds a BA in Sociology from SUNY Potsdam and has taken courses in government accounting, budget management, fiscal stress monitoring, and shared services. Sue was previously director of development at the Chenango SPCA and has served as President of the Board for the Earlville Free Library and currently serves as Board Treasurer for the Friends of Rogers Environmental Education Center and the Poolville Community Club. She has lived in Poolville for over ten years with her husband Kurt Reymers who is on the faculty at Morrisville College, two rescue dogs, and four cats.

Donald Haight was elected as Town Justice in 2009 and has served for the past two years as Vice-President of the Madison County Magistrates Association. He also serves as Acting Village Justice in Hamilton, handling all business when the Village Justice is not available. He is available for arraignments when the Village police, State Police, or County Sheriff call, which can be at any hour of the day or night.

Bert Glazier, a native of Hubbardsville, was appointed as Town Highway Superintendent in 2008 and was supported by both major parties when he ran for Highway Superintendent in 2008 and 2009. He has been known for responsible participation in the Town’s leadership team and for leading in efforts to increase shared services. He currently is secretary of the Madison County Highway Superintendent’s Association.

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by Bruce Moseley, Chair, Town of Hamilton Democratic Committee