Meredith Leland Getchonis
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Personal Letter from Meredith Leland Getchonis to Hamilton Voters

Village of Hamilton Voters:  My name is Meredith Leland Getchonis, and I’m the Democratic candidate for Hamilton Village Trustee. I would appreciate your vote on Tuesday,  June 21.  I have a record of service to the community, deep roots in our region, many years of professional experience as both corporate administrator and as educator, and a vested interest in careful long-range planning for our village.

The village of Hamilton and its surrounding countryside is sacred ground for me, and I feel a sense of responsibility to protect its natural beauty, agricultural productivity, charming historic architecture and carry on the legacy of so many great people who made this tiny village their home.   The preservation of hometown traditions and values creates a secure foundation in our unsettled times, and makes our village attractive to people of all ages who are searching for a safer, more sane place to live.  The many idyllic walking paths, our rich cultural life, our excellent restaurants and unique shops, as well as annual celebrations such as the July 4th parade, Easter Egg hunt and Santa’s visit are just some of the many attractions of our village that I hope to maintain and improve upon with your input.

I’m noticing that several bright, talented 20-something year-olds have moved here recently, contributing their energy and ideas to existing businesses and starting exciting new eco-friendly enterprises of their own. When the Farmer’s Market re-opened in May, there were more small children happily splashing in the park fountain than ever!  These are promising signs for our community.  It’s important that the trustees of our village board work together to make this a healthy, affordable home for young people to raise families and for retirees to enjoy peace and comfort.

As Hamilton Village Trustee, I will consider seriously all issues brought before the Board, from the gas line to broadband to Matt Malloy’s dream of a bocce ball court where people from age 9-90 can play together!  I look forward to hearing your opinions, and will work hard to serve my community.