Letters for Meredith Leland-Getchonis
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by: Charlie Getchonis,   Village of Hamilton Democratic Committee
     Chalrie Naef,   Melissa Davies

In support of Meredith Leland Getchonis
To the editor: from Charlie Getchonis

Having served four terms as mayor of Hamilton, a term on the village board and a term on the town board, I can remember lamenting that there were never any new people throwing their hat into the ring for village offices.
This year it is encouraging to see some new people running for village office who will most likely bring a different perspective that can be refreshing and possibly restructure the status quo in a positive way.
Meredith Leland Getchonis is the person that can do just that. Her family has played an important role in the history of the village. Her grandfather and father ran very successful businesses in Hamilton. I know from discussions with her over the years that she has a tremendous feeling for our village and its well-being.
She has her B.A. and one of her master’s degrees from Colgate and another master’s from NYU. Since her return to Hamilton 1998, she has been involved in organizing village events and numerous other volunteer groups. She has also been a teacher in local schools as well as a tutor of both high school and college students. No doubt in my mind that she has the ability to be a good trustee.
Meredith is not a shrinking violet by any means. She expresses her opinions with a passion but is capable of thinking through other ideas and adjusting her outlook to the solution that will be best for the village she loves.
Give Meredith your vote on June 21.

Charlie Getchonis

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Supporting Hamilton natives Leland Getchonis, and Sill Kliman
To the editor: from The Village of Hamilton Democratic Committee

The Hamilton Village Democrats are proud to support their candidate Meredith Leland Getchonis for village trustee on June 21, 2011. Meredith attended Hamilton Central School, then graduated from Northfield Mount Hermon before earning a B.A. in English from Colgate. She holds an M.A. in liberal studies from New York University and an M.A.T. from Colgate.

Meredith has worked as a commercial and residential real estate agent, a teaching artist, a substitute teacher at HCS, a freelance writer, a local reporter for the Hamilton Tribune, and as a private tutor. Her volunteer activities reflect her deep commitment to her community, to her children’s school, and to her long-term interest in environmental issues. She is a co-chair of the Skyway Festival, volunteered with STOP NYRI, with the Save the Mural Campaign, works with the Chenango Canal Association, has been instrumental in the protection of open land with Southern Madison Heritage Trust, founded the Japan Club, Jr., and is an active parent volunteer at Hamilton Central School.

As a descendent of early settlers in the Hamilton area, and as the daughter of beloved former residents Jim and Ann Leland, Meredith brings a long-range perspective to the discussion of village issues. Her experience working in a variety of settings, combined with her core belief in the value of our local educational system will give her valuable insight into local problems. Meredith is fulfilled as she watches her own children, Ann-Elise, 17, Marie-Claire, 15, and Jalen, 10, attend HCS.

The Hamilton Democratic Party has nominated another native for village trustee, Debbie Sill Kliman. Debbie is running on another party line this year. She was a Democratic candidate for village trustee in 2010. As an active member of both the Village of Hamilton and Town of Hamilton Democratic parties, she serves as the secretary of the Town of Hamilton Democratic Committee, working hard to get local Democrats elected.

Debbie serves on the Village Historical Commission, the Village Zoning Revision Committee, has attended village board meetings for the past two years, is the secretary of the Southern Madison Heritage Trust, volunteers both at the Community Memorial Hospital front desk and on book cart duty.

Debbie is the daughter of Patty Sill and the niece of longtime Hamilton librarian Prudence Hawkins. She and her husband Harvey lived in Chadds Ford, Pa. for 30 years, where Debbie had a teaching career and a practice as a psychologist. In 2006 Debbie and Harvey moved back to her childhood home and have immersed themselves in local volunteer activities.

Hamilton Democrats ask you to vote between noon and 9 p.m. on June 21 at the Hamilton Public Library, and that you cast your two votes for village trustee for these two Hamilton natives and Hamilton Democrats, Meredith Leland Getchonis and Debbie Sill Kliman.

The Village of Hamilton Democratic Committee

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In support of Meredith Leland Getchonis
To the editor: from Charlie Naef
Fri, Jun 10, 2011

Meredith Leland Getchonis is uniquely suited to represent and bring together in constructive endeavors Hamilton’s native born and longtime residents with the more transient but increasingly engaged Colgate community.

As the direct descendant of Joshua Leland, the first permanent settler in the Hamilton area, as an HCS student and Colgate graduate with a BA and an MA in teaching, and as daughter-in-law of a popular mayor, Meredith embodies Hamilton.  After continuing her graduate education at NYU and working as executive assistant to the president of Sotheby’s International Realty, she returned in 1998 to Hamilton to give her children a better life.

When I was mayor, Meredith asked how she could contribute to village governance. She was active in the cultural and educational life as a teaching artist with the Arts in Education Institute in Utica, organizer of a grant supported writers’ performance poetry series at the Barge, and English instructor at SUNY Morrisville.

I appointed her in 2000 to establish and chair the new Arts and Entertainment Committee.  It promoted, coordinated and publicized cultural, educational and recreational activities sponsored by community organizations and Colgate.   What was started under Meredith’s leadership is now carried on by the Partnership for Community Development and the Hamilton Business Alliance.

After the birth of Jalen, Meredith devoted herself to nurturing her infant son and raising her two young daughters while substitute teaching at HCS and tutoring. Since 2006 she helped organize the annual Skyway Music Festival in memory of her deceased musician husband Craig Getchonis.

Now with all her children in school, Meredith can devote her creativity, organizational skills, community connections, and energy to the improvement of the Village she loves.  As an innovative and energetic trustee she can add a much needed perspective to Village governance.   Please vote for her.  

Charlie Naef

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Supports Getchonis for Trustee
June 17, 2011
To the Editor: from Melissa Davies

(Hamilton, NY – June 2011) I’m writing to say how happy I am that Meredith Leland Getchonis is running for Hamilton Village Trustee. I know that her devotion to Hamilton and to creative problem solving will make her an excellent trustee.

I have known Meredith for almost twenty years, first when she was a young mother determined to build a safe nest for her kids here in her home town and later as an entrepreneur, activist, teacher, and artist whose gifts and talents she has poured out for her community’s betterment.

Meredith doesn’t like to blow her own horn. She’d much rather hear what you’ve been up to so she can build you up and cheer you on. (When I was working through a health crisis, her frequent visits and sense of humor really buoyed me).  Her sincere interest in others and her ability to really listen to them are uncommon characteristics for many who enter public service. Don’t you think we could use more good listeners in government?

Meredith has the courage of her convictions and isn’t afraid to put her money (and time!) where her mouth is. When the delicate ecology and economy of our valley was threatened by the private power company New York Regional Interconnect (NYRI,) Meredith donated countless hours to the “Stop NYRI” cause. I know that when Meredith is our trustee she’ll work passionately on our behalf, even, probably especially, when the job gets tough.

Meredith is deeply proud of her ancestral ties to Hamilton and has been a key collaborator on several important cultural and natural resource conservation projects. But she’s not stuck in the past. She’s full of fresh ideas and enthusiasm about what her beloved Hamilton can be. I’m looking forward to voting for her and I hope you will be too.

Melissa Davies

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