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Vote for Lura, Pangallo & Servedio

A great deal of effort each year goes into finding good candidates that we can convince to run for the Village Board in Hamilton. People love Hamilton, but also know that local government has become more and more challenging. This year three highly qualified candidates for the three trustee openings were convinced to run: Russell Lura, Jennifer Servedio and Dominick Pangallo.

Russ Lura, an unaffiliated or independent voter, brings experienced expertise to the issues facing local governments. His success as a county administrator as well as his long awareness of issues such as economic development, planning, and zoning in Hamilton itself -- suggest that it would be foolhardy for Hamilton not to return him to office.

Jen Servedio has proven her dedication to community service and brings, in addition, special modern skills in information technology. While the Board might well have used her expertise this past year in setting up the new village website, at least she would be present in the future to monitor and advise the technological tools that, nowadays, have become essential. Her energetic leadership skills have been proven both in her professional success and in serving as president of the Lions Club, a service organization, more than once.

Dominick Pangallo’s training and interests have led him already to play central roles in our community. He represents on the Board not only professional expertise in government, but also those who are raising young children in Hamilton.

These three candidates are networked with a variety of groups within our community. The Board of Trustees is the policy-making body of the village. With these three, a widened number of citizens will be represented as decisions are made.

I urge you to vote for Russ Lura, Jen Servedio, and Dominick Pangallo on either the Democratic or Community Party lines on June 19.

Wanda Warren Berry, 49 University Avenue

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Collins endorses Lura and Servedio

To the editor

Jen Servedio has been a Hamilton resident since 1998 and is very active in our community. I have had the pleasure of working with Jen during the Salvation Army Kettle drive that she has organized locally since 2009.

She is very active in the Hamilton Lions Club and for the past several years has organized our local Red Cross blood drive. Jen is an ambitious caring and compassionate person and has proven to be an asset to our village. I am pleased to know her and know she is a great choice for village trustee.

On the list for re-election is Russ Lura. I had the good fortune of working with Russ during my last term as trustee. Russ worked for Madison County in economic planning before retiring, making him a great choice for village trustee.

He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Russ is also very involved in the community. He serves the food cupboard in two capacities, as a volunteer and board member. In addition he is a board member of Madison Lane senior housing.

Please join me in voting this year for two caring, compassionate and qualified candidates.


Suzanne Collins

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A vote for Servedio

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of the candidacy of Jennifer Servedio for Hamilton Village Trustee.

Jen has been a longtime village resident. She loves Hamilton and together with her husband, Frank, raised her son Matt here. Jen wants to help to raise the bar even higher on the standard of excellence which exemplifies our village.

I have known Jen ever since I moved to Hamilton more than a decade ago; she was one of my students during my first semester of teaching. Today, Jen is an accomplished information technology professional and manager. Both in school and on the job, Jen has demonstrated herself to be a consummate problem solver and an effective team member. Jen presently serves our community through her robust leadership in the Hamilton Lions Club, her work with the American Red Cross blood drives in the community, as well as success with the Salvation Army Red Kettle Collection, which provides school supplies for children in need attending our schools.

Simply put, Jen is one of the hardest working people I know, and I am confident that her talent for insightful leadership will serve our village well. Jen’s ability to solve problems while working well with others makes her an outstanding choice for Hamilton Village Trustee.


Steve Klingaman

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Vote for Jen Servedio

To the editor:

I would like encourage the community to show support to my friend and neighbor Jen Servedio. Jen is running for the position of Hamilton Village Trustee. She both live and works (Colgate University) within the community. Her son, Matt, is a graduate from Hamilton Central and is now proudly serving in the Air Force. You may often see her walking her two dogs around the village. t is refreshing to witness Jen's passion for the village of Hamilton and surrounding areas. In 2001 she was the first woman to join our Hamilton Lions Club and currently serves as their president.

She is the organizer of the Hamilton Community Blood drive for the American Red Cross since 2002. During the holidays, you may have seen her ringing the bell, as she has been the organizer of the Salvation Army Red Kettle collection since 2009.

Jen is a very caring person who is serious and committed to the future of our community. I enjoy her enthusiasm, sense of humor and positive outlook on life.

I will be proudly voting for Jen Servedio for village trustee, I hope you will do the same.


Glenda Penoyer

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Russ Lura has served as a Trustee on the Village Board for two years and is running again for re-election. I have served with him for a year, and cannot think of anyone who is more qualified to be a Trustee. Russ has many years of experience with the County as Planning Director, administrator and Budget Officer and is also a volunteer on the Boards of Mid-York Senior Homes (he’s President) and the Food Cupboard.

Russ has had a variety of experiences as liaison to different commissions and boards in the Village while a Trustee, and is very knowledgeable in many areas. Currently, he is liaison to the DPW, MUC, PCD, and Madison Street Cemetery. He makes many valuable and wise contributions to these Commissions. Russ can always be counted upon to know about local, County, and State laws relating to various issues of concern. He is the “go to” person for many matters that come before the Village Board.

On a personal note, I consider Russ my mentor. I have learned a great deal about all aspects of Village functioning from him. He’s always ready to help and shares my dry sense of humor.

Who better to vote for re-election as a Trustee than Russ Lura? Please cast your vote on June 19 for Russ. You will find him on both the Democrat and Community Party lines.

Debbie Kliman, Village Trustee

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Lura Supported

Russ Lura is eminently qualified to be reelected as Village Trustee. Not only does he have experience in village government as Trustee but he brings the perspective of a person who has had a career in county level planning and economic development. He brings his knowledge to the village trustees as a team player, one who supports his positions with facts more than opinion. Russ also serves on the boards of Madison Lane Senior Housing and the Food Cupboard and understands the value non-governmental agencies bring to our community. I urge you to vote for Russ in the June 19 election.

Harvey L. Kliman

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Lura seeks support

To the editor:

I am running for the office of Hamilton Village Trustee. I believe I have the required skills and experience to be a good trustee, and I hope I can count on your vote. I have been endorsed by the Democratic Party and am running on both the Community Party and Democratic Party lines.

I have served on the village board for the last two years. My goal has always been to ensure that Hamilton remains a good place to live with affordable taxes and a strong economic base. Village residents and the village board have worked hard over the years to achieve the quality of life we now have, and I think I bring additional expertise to ensure that we continue to prosper.

Prior to my retirement in 2008, I worked for Madison County as planning director (21 years), administrator (three years), and budget officer (two years). Since that time, I have continued to be involved in community and economic development through being on the boards of Madison Lane Senior Apartments, the Hamilton Food Cupboard, the Madison County Industrial Development Agency, and of course, as trustee for the village of Hamilton.

During my first year as trustee, I was the liaison for the farmers market, the Recreation Committee, the Historical Commission, and the Hamilton Public Library. This past year, I have been the liaison for Public Works, a member of the Municipal Utilities Commission, and most recently, the board’s representative on the Partnership for Community Development (PCD). Work and decisions on the board are shared by all the trustees in a very collaborative and collegial manner, but the areas that I have contributed the most in the past two years are zoning, the development of the budget and revised budget process, and the creation of the municipal gas utility.

I believe my knowledge of municipal affairs, my experience in planning, zoning, economic and community development, my two years on the board of trustees, and my commitment to public service make me a very strong candidate for village trustee. I ask for your vote on June 19.

Russ Lura

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