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Shwartz Announces Candidacy

Fri, Oct 07, 2011

I am proud to announce my candidacy for supervisor for the Town of Hamilton.

As the daughter of Yissakhar Shwartz, a naturally optimistic immigrant who built a successful farm on Borden Road., I learned to work hard, treat people fairly and watch the bottom line. As the daughter of Jean Shwartz, a bright woman who woke up an hour earlier than the rest of the family to read the paper, I learned how to balance raising a family with farming and community service.

Over the past 57 years I have built upon those lessons and learned new skills. As a small town attorney I listened to my clients and solved their problems. As a Town Board member I brought community members together to create the Town’s first comprehensive plan. As Executive Director of the PCD I won grants, restored storefronts, and helped small businesses grow right here in Hamilton. As a farmer selling “Sun Fed Beef”, I combined a great product with loyal customers to grow our farm business. As co- chair of STOP NYRI, I learned that the “Davids” of the world can beat “Goliath”, provided they are willing to work with all parties, take the time to learn the details of the issue, and have the courage to stand up for their convictions.

If I am elected supervisor I will listen to the views and needs of Town residents and apply my business skills and work ethic to restore the Town’s bottom line. I will work with Town residents and members of neighboring communities to implement shared services and secure grant funding to make our Town efficient and cost effective. I will treat Town employees fairly and make sure that Town taxpayers are fairly assessed and taxed. I will lead Town residents in planning for major issues that lie ahead, including the safe and environmentally responsible extraction of natural gas. I will “stand up” for our Town at all levels of government.

I ask for your vote for Town Supervisor on November 8 so that I may bring these skills and experiences to work for you.

Eve Ann Shwartz

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Shwartz, Rossi & Pangallo Backed

Fri, Oct 14, 2011

On November 8 the Town of Hamilton will have the opportunity to elect a Supervisor and two Town Councilors who would bring fresh perspectives and expertise to a Town that has struggled for two years to recover from an earlier period of inadequate reporting and misguided financial management.

Eve Ann Shwartz would bring to the position of Supervisor her love of her home town, her expertise in the law, her passionate commitment to protecting the land and its value, and her entrepreneurial and managerial skills. She has demonstrated strong abilities as a leader, not only in the Town, but in the County and region. Her proactive orientation has been shown repeatedly; she has been an initiator as well as a leader of Stop NYRI, the Partnership for Community Development, the Southern Madison County Gas Coalition, and the county’s Agricultural and Economic Development Committee. As Supervisor, she would bring intelligent energy, dedication to the well-being of all citizens, and practical knowledge to both Hamilton and Wampsville.

Chris Rossi’s energetic dedication to the well-being of the Town again is being shown in her willingness to run for Town Council. She has repeatedly shown that she knows how to organize citizens toward constructive action when their rights are threatened, whether by a power line, careless natural gas development, or apparently unfair property assessment. Chris took the lead last Spring to organize citizens to help other citizens who wanted advice about the grievance process about property assessments.

Dominick Pangallo would bring to the Town Council knowledge about state and local tax policy, public finance, budgeting, as well as organizational effectiveness. The mistakes made in Hamilton’s financial reporting between 2003 and 2008 and identified in 2009 by the NY Comptroller might well have been avoided if such knowledge had been represented on the Town Council. Dominick offers what sometimes admittedly has been missing: he has time for regular attendance at meetings. He also has knowledge about public administration that would enable him to recognize problems when they emerge.

Votes for Shwartz, Rossi, and Pangallo are votes for good government!

Donald L. Berry and Wanda Warren Berry

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Rossi Runs for Town Board

Fri, Oct 07, 2011

As an active and involved member of the Hamilton community I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Hamilton Town Council.

Over the past twenty years I have been fortunate to call Hubbardsville my neighborhood and Hamilton my home. I raised my now college age daughter here, and still commute over the hills to work at the museums in Cooperstown. I have volunteered with the Hamilton Historical Commission, Chenango Valley Peace Alliance, and Hamilton Central School and continue to be involved with Hamilton Library, Rogers Environmental Center and Citizens for Safe Energy. These efforts enrich the community and give me an understanding of the rewards of working together for our town.

This lesson was brought home while co-chairing STOP NYRI with Eve Ann Shwartz. Working together as a community we were able to defeat the 400,000-volt power line, protecting our town and others from its potentially devastating effects.

Valuable lessons learned from STOP NYRI should be applied to town government. We won the power line fight by doing our homework, clearly communicating what we learned and working with all members of our community toward a common goal. New challenges facing our town require the same level of dedication and resident involvement. We must invite citizen participation in local government through open and accessible meetings, easy access to information (including an official Town website posted with minutes, announcements, and reports), and user-friendly hours at the Town Office.

This community building – working together to create a better place for all of us – is for me the heart of what good government should be. I am enthusiastically running for Town Council to continue working together with fellow residents for the betterment of our town.

Chris Rossi

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Pangallo Seeks Support

Fri, Oct 07, 2011

I am running for Hamilton Town Council because important work must be done to plan for our town’s future. By working together in a positive fashion we can succeed in the face of the many challenges before us. I will bring a different perspective, new energy, and fresh ideas to our Town Council.

I hold Master’s degrees in Public Administration and Political Science from Suffolk University, where I studied local tax policy, public financial management and budgeting, program evaluation, organizational effectiveness in government, and civic engagement.

As a public affairs consultant I have worked to advance over 40 nonprofit and political causes across the Northeast. I “retired” from consulting last year to take on my most challenging - and most rewarding – job: at-home father. I serve on the Chenango Nursery School’s Parents Advisory Committee and volunteer at the Palace Theater.

In a vibrant community, citizens are engaged, participative actors in civic life and enjoy an organized, communicative, and responsible government. In Hamilton we already have the first of these; now we deserve the second.

We can rebuild our town’s finances and restore confidence in local government through pro-active planning. I will work with residents from our entire town, bringing interested citizens together in a series of task forces to study and make recommendations for the issues we face ahead.

By planning pro-actively we will ensure that our and future generations alike will enjoy a town that is fiscally sound, with fair and predictable taxes, clean and safe air and water, reliable infrastructure and services, good jobs and economic opportunities, and access to high-quality education for every child. As a father, that is the most important legacy I can imagine. And it is why I am proudly running for Hamilton Town Council and ask for your vote on November 8.

Dominick Pangallo

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Pinchin Supports Eve Ann Shwartz

Thu, Oct 13, 2011

Eve Ann Shwartz is a born leader with a sense of the common good and the voltage to make things happen.

Not simply because she knows everyone you could name (even with phone book in hand!) in Madison County and Albany. Or because she understands farming and the law; has served on the Hamilton Town Council; shaped its strategic plan; led the PCD, and StopNYRI. Something else commands attention: an uncanny frankness, a surefootedness, that makes you trust Eve Ann's judgment.

Eve Ann Shwartz led the Partnership for Community Development with spectacular pizazz, working with the village, with the Colgate Board of Trustees, with everyone who would help make things happen. She convinced and cajoled, successfully shaping the renovation of the building facades in Hamilton and Earlville, helping local businesses grow.

And then she turned to StopNYRI. With her terrific co-chair, Chris Rossi--Davids fighting 120 foot pylons--she led this community and partnered with an array of New York agencies: Eve Ann a state-wide leader here. Red and Blue together won.

When good things happen they sometimes seem inevitable. But remember how real the threat of a 200 mile power line from Canada was. No single person in New York State was more clearly responsible for toppling NYRI than Eve Ann Shwartz. An articulate voice, pitch-perfect in dealings with lawyers, lobbyists, and politicians, transparent with the public, she -- we all -- won.

Are those transferable skills? You betcha. What a township we will have with Eve Ann as Supervisor.

Jane L. Pinchin

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Zahn Supports Rossi

Thu, Oct 13, 2011

Chris Rossi is a long time resident of Hubbardsville. I have known her for 16 years as a friend and neighbor. Our children grew up together and remain close friends. Chris has always been hard working and generous with her time and talents. She has volunteered for the Hamilton Library Board and Hamilton Historic Commission, and was co-chair of Stop NYRI. Over the years Chris has shown a combination of intelligence, ability, common sense, level headedness, kindness, humor, and, most importantly, integrity in her personal life, career, and community activities. Particularly with Stop NYRI, she demonstrated time and again an ability to educate herself on the issues, work with and listen to many individuals with a broad spectrum of views, and use this information to arrive at the most reasonable and effective course of action. Chris has the ability to recognize the talents of others and use those talents effectively.
She always does the work she agrees to do and often picks up the slack for others. A consensus builder by nature, Chris has the ability to persuade and lead when necessary. Above all, I can say without reservation that she is the most forthright and honest person I know, and has always been a friend I could count on. We residents of the Town of Hamilton are fortunate to have an honest, talented, and hard working person like Chris Rossi willing to serve on our Town Board.

Michael Zahn, MD

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Tallman Supports Pangallo

Dominick Pangallo is a bright newcomer to the Town of Hamilton. He’s young, technically savvy, and has lots of training and experience in governance issues. Composed and unflappable, Dominick will work effectively to keep the dialogue civil and get to the basic task of listening to and addressing the concerns of the people. I have full confidence in his integrity and genuine desire to serve this community. Being new here is probably a big advantage. He owes no favors and will bring just plain common sense to the process. I urge you to vote on November 8 and please consider voting for Dominick Pangallo for Town Council. Thank you.

Susan Tallman


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In Support of Chris Rossi

Fri, Oct 21, 2011

I write to express my support for Chris Rossi’s candidacy for Hamilton Town Council. I have known Chris and her daughter, Nicki, throughout Nicki’s years as a student at Hamilton Central School and have appreciated how Chris’s mix of public outreach and love of place has stood as an admirable model for Nicki. Now Hamilton town residence can benefit from Chris’s exemplary blend of strength and love.

Several years ago, as co-chair of STOP NYRI, Chris successfully defended our town against a corporation that threatened environmental devastation. Now she leads Citizens for Safe Energy, a group that promotes best practices and policies for natural resource development, especially for natural gas and the complicated issue of hydro-fracking. This work proves Chris’s intelligence, organizational skills, and unstoppable work ethic.

Personally, the thing about Chris I most cherish is her blackberry jam-making skill. That’s not trivial. It’s evidence that in addition to her fearless engagement with the big world out there, she’s also a very grounded person who connects with the goodness that surrounds her and makes something really valuable with it.

I am confident that Chris will be a strong, smart, and balanced Hamilton Town councilperson.

Melissa Davies

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In Support of Rossi

Thu, Oct 20, 2011

Chris Rossi’s “community sense” is great. Whether she is taking care of her neighbor’s goats, attending a Friends meeting and helping to preserve a hundred year old church, volunteering for the library or leading a skillful, grassroots fight against NYRI, Chris is up to her elbows in community.

As Natural Gas development approaches, Chris has not focused on self - interest or self - preservation, but stood in the middle of our community, looking to gather and publicize honest answers about how we will be affected.

Now that the Town of Hamilton is mired in financial problems and a poorly managed property tax revaluation, Chris is stepping up to solve the problems. We better vote for her.

Harmon Hoff, Earlville

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Support for Shwartz and the Democratic Ticket

Thu, Oct 20, 2011

We have known Eve Ann for the past 35 years first as an attorney and later, working with her on the Partnership for Community Development. It was in that capacity that I watched Eve Ann invest her leadership skills - along with her fine understanding of the law – into the long range interests of our greater community. During her tenure, the PCD restored 16 storefronts in the Villages of Hamilton and Earlville and created a successful small business assistance program.

Eve Ann and her family have successfully developed Maple Avenue Farms providing "Sun Fed Beef" to local and NYC consumers. Her interest in protecting agriculture and historic communities was a natural segue for her Stop NYRI efforts. The defeat of this proposed 200 mile long electrical transmission line was a victory for everyone.

With the arrival of gas drilling, it has been interesting to see where Eve Ann has come in on this issue. Eve Ann is a founding member of the Southern Madison County Gas Coalition a group organized to give local landowners sufficient bargaining power to negotiate leases that protect the individual and the community's land, water and air, while also providing a positive financial return. Clearly neither for nor against, but rather acting as a watchdog for safe practice, Eve Ann is a good neighbor, using her talents and abilities that has helped all of us.

If you know Rob and I, you know that we are not concerned with party affiliation particularly at the local level. We support individuals who have the skills, personal integrity, dedication to community service and business savvy that a leader must have. If you are an independent thinker, as so many of the silent majority are, then we urge you to vote for Eve Ann as Town of Hamilton Supervisor. Together this years' Democratic ticket of Eve Ann Shwartz, Chris Rossi and Dominic Pangallo are a winning combination who
are ready, willing and able to serve us all.

Susie Gustafson, Hamilton

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Trustee Supports, Shwartz, Rossi & Pangallo

Fri, Oct 21, 2011

We have the opportunity in this election to bring new faces, fresh ideas, and different perspectives to the Town of Hamilton Board.

Eve Ann Shwartz is a life long resident of the Town of Hamilton who offers us experience in local government, community organizing, and agricultural development. The list of her accomplishments have been mentioned by many in their letters of support. But it’s not because of her involvement in these organizations that I support Eve Ann—I support her because of her success in them. Her accomplishments in so many arenas on behalf of the residents of the Town of Hamilton deserve my, and your, support.

Chris Rossi will bring special qualities to the Town Board as a master organizer and a true consensus builder. We have all seen the results of her organizational and leadership skills with NYRI. She’s not afraid to hear all sides of an issue, as she has so clearly shown in her leadership of the Southern Madison County Gas Coalition. She’s passionate about the importance of support for local agriculture and local development. Her concern, her integrity, and her leadership skills will make her an excellent Town Board member.

With several years of experience in public administration and public affairs, Dominick Pangallo will bring professional experience in issues that confront the Town of Hamilton—tax policy, public finance, environmental concerns, and policy analysis--to the Town Board. It’s obvious to us all that we need that knowledge and experience for the Town to be able to move forward in these difficult times.

As we discuss amongst ourselves how to involve and retain young adults in our rural area, Dominick is living that experience. He brings, as well, the perspective of a father with a young child, a perspective necessary for the Town of Hamilton to be successful on behalf of all its residents.

With Dominick, we have the opportunity to bring a different perspective, new energy, and fresh ideas to address the many challenges facing our community.

I urge you to support Eve Ann Shwartz for Supervisor and Chris Rossi and Dominick Pangallo for Hamilton Town Board.

Russell Lura, Hamilton

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Shwartz Supported by D. J. Griff

Sat, Oct 22, 2011

I'm writing in support of Eve Ann Shwartz for the Supervisor of the Town of Hamilton.

I've been acquainted with Eve Ann for several years through her successful involvement with the Madison County Agricultural Economic Development Board, NYRI, the Southern Madison County Gas Coalition, and as a neighboring farmer.

After having several conversations with Eve Ann since the announcement of her candidacy I have become more familiar with her background and with her views of the Town of Hamilton and Madison County. Eve Ann has a common sense approach to the issues and her answers are candid and straight forward.

Based on the strength of those conversations, her public service record, and her views for the future of the Town of Hamilton. I strongly support Eve Ann Shwartz for Supervisor of the Town of Hamilton.

Darrell J. Griff, Hamilton

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Support of Shwartz by B. Golden

Mon, Oct 24, 2011

Over the years, I’ve come to trust and rely on the leaders in our community to understand and tackle important issues.

Eve Ann Shwarz’s business experience and leadership qualities are evident from her many roles as attorney, business woman, executive director and Town Board member. She helped stop NYRI, and is promoting strategic and safe planning for the inevitable growth of gas drilling in our area.

I believe in Eve Ann’s character, integrity and smart judgment. She has an uncanny ability to engage people in conversation, encouraging participation and sharing ideas. She is a thoughtful listener, researches the facts and promotes community involvement.

I feel fortunate to live and work in this community rich with talented, hardworking leaders. My vote for Eve Ann Shwartz for Town Supervisor on November 8 guarantees this tradition.

Barbara Golden, Earlville

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Sommers Supports Shwartz

When I moved to Hamilton, I wanted to start my own farm. A friend had briefly introduced me to Eve Ann, so I contacted her hoping that she would know someone who might rent me a parcel – she immediately offered me land on her farm and space in her barn.

I was grateful to find an experienced farmer who showed support to a beginning farmer and had enthusiasm for building our agricultural community. Her small business, leadership and farming experiences made her a wonderful mentor to me. Those skills along with her integrity and willingness to work with a broad spectrum of people will make her an ideal town supervisor.

Vote Eve Ann Shwartz for Hamilton town supervisor. Her experience and proven devotion to the town will help Hamilton and its agricultural community thrive.

Amy Sommers, Hamilton

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Former Mayor Sue McVaugh Supports Pangallo

I would like to express my support of Dominick Pangallo’s candidacy for Hamilton Town Council. Over the past half dozen years, I have attended many Town Council Meetings. Different people on the council have brought different strengths to the table, and, as a Town citizen, I appreciate the willingness of all to serve, each in his or her own way. At this time, I feel that Dominick has the qualifications and manner to represent all of the town citizens in the most effective way.

I do not base my opinion of Dominick on his background alone, impressive though his experience and education may be. Before I agreed to write this letter, I met with Dominick to assess what I thought he could bring to the table. Even before the election, I found that he was well versed in Town business, including the all important budgetary matters, an area that will surely continue to be taken up by the council. In these difficult economic times, I found in Dominick a true understanding of the needs of the citizens to know that each tax dollar paid is well used and well needed.

Since politicians writing political letters tend to be verbose and unnecessarily wordy, (and largely unread) I will buck this trend by coming right to the point and asking you to vote on November 8, and especially to cast your vote for Dominick Pangallo.

Sue McVaugh, Hamilton

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Handling of Finances Questioned

Wed, Nov 02, 2011

If you pay taxes in Hamilton and care about what happens to your tax dollars you should read this report. You really only need to read the first few paragraphs to get the picture. It is deeply disturbing. I do not understand why it has not been more widely publicized and discussed.

The State Comptroller's office audited the Town of Hamilton's finances for the period January 1, 2008 to July 31, 2009 (the report is at

 http://www.osc.state.ny.us/localgov/audits/towns/2010/hamilton.pdf .)

They found

- records missing

- no mandatory financial reports filed since 2003

- bank accounts unreconciled since 2005

- we may have been inadvertently overtaxed

As a result, the report says, "it is impossible for the Board or public to oversee the Town's finances." We cannot tell how tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars were spent. Two current candidates for town office, Scott Mills (for Supervisor), and David Holcomb (for Council) sat on the all-Republican Council during this period. Mr. Mills was deputy supervisor.

Mr. Mills says that when he left office, the budget was balanced and every dollar spent wisely. How can he say that when "it is impossible" to know? Mr. Holcomb says a Councilor's job is deciding on what is put in front of him. He blames the former Supervisor and former bookkeeper for not providing them with financial reports.

Did they really sit, year after year, never asking for financial data, then blame others for what happened on their watch? Imagine the captain of the Titanic excusing himself because no one told him he was going to hit an iceberg!

No one suggests either gentleman acted corruptly. But they failed badly at financial stewardship, and neither shows any insight into his own responsibility. We cannot afford to return them to office.

Owen Tallman, Hamilton

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Debbie & Harvey Kliman Support Dominick Pangallo

We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce our newest neighbor, Dominick Pangallo, to all Town of Hamilton residents. Dominick, his wife, Kristin, and toddler moved across the street from us this summer and Dominick has fast become an active participant in Hamilton affairs.

Dominick and his family moved to Hamilton from the Boston area, when Kristin took a position at Colgate.  He “works” as a full-time dad, but has become involved in many local activities, one of which is politics.  He was nominated by the Town Democrats to run for Town Council in the November 8 election.  Dominick is a great addition to the Democratic team: Eve Ann Shwartz, running for Supervisor; Chris Ross, running for Town Council; and Dominick, also for Town Council.  Although relatively new to Hamilton, he is well prepared for this position.  He has learned everything he can about the Village and Town, and has attended Democrats’ meetings and Town Council meetings.  Dominick has two Master’s degrees; one in Political Science and one in Public Administration.  He has run campaigns for several candidates in Massachusetts and served as Chief of Staff for one Representative whom he helped elect.  He has also served as a free-lance consultant for a variety of non-profit and other organizations in Massachusetts.  There is no question but that Dominick is well prepared for the position of Town Councilor, and he has many great ideas about how to help the Town operate efficiently, economically and in a sound financial position.

In addition, Dominick is a good neighbor, friendly, cheerful, and helpful.  You will not regret casting your vote for Dominick Pangallo for Town Councilor.

Deborah S. Kliman, Board of Trustees, Hamilton and Harvey L. Kliman

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* Many letters first published on Radio Free Hamilton.