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2013 Elections
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The Madison County Board of Elections lists all of the positions in the county up for election in 2013. go  

Local offices up for election

Village of Hamilton - June 18, 2013
Mayor Margaret Miller Rep 2 year - Reelected
Trustee Deborah Kliman Dem 2 year  - Reelected
Trustee Jen Servidio Dem 2 year (appointed to fill the remainder of Dominick Pangallo’s term)  - Elected

Trustees Russ Lura and Sam Cooper remain on the board and will be up for election next year.

Town of Hamilton - November 5, 2013
Supervisor Eve Ann Shwartz Dem 2 year
Town Clerk Catherine Hotaling Rep 2 year
Justice Donald Haight Dem 4 year
Highway Superintendent Bert Glazier Rep 2 year
Town Council Peter Darby Dem 4 year
Town Council Carolyn Todd Dem 4 year

Councilors Chris Rossi and David Holcomb remain on the council for two more years.

Mayor William Excell Rep 2 year - Reelected March 19, 2013
Trustee Gerald Hayes Rep 2 year  - Reelected March 19, 2013
Trustee Henry Moore Rep 2 year - Reelected March 19, 2013

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Our Mission: The Town of Hamilton Democrats are committed to secure the blessings of liberty and justice at home and to promote them abroad.  We embrace democratic, liberal, and progressive principles as well as genuinely conservative principles in taking positions on local, state, national and international issues.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Town of Hamilton NY Democratic Party representative please Email us.   

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